We work closely with our sister company, Calrom who have years of travel ‘techspertise’ paired with the freshest development skills, combining to deliver cutting edge software solutions for travel management.

Starting as absolute perfectionists in their field many years back, the small Lime Technology team quickly grew, becoming leaders in the booking platform arena and providing Lime World with our intuitive systems for both Flights and Groups, plus the entirely bespoke CRM systems we use behind the scenes.

Groups Next Gen

Lime Technology offer a leading Groups solution to the International Airlines Group. Already implemented with British Airways and Iberia; Groups Next Gen (GNG) has proven a vital tool in gaining control of Group travel management, increasing sales and realising huge potential for compliance revenue.

  • Low capital expenditure and a user pay transactional model ensures a rapid return on investment
  • Builds travel agent loyalty by offering state-of-the-art group booking and management services
  • Lowers operating and distribution costs through effective use of automation
  • Optimises use of available inventory and network capacity

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