Policies can be a minefield - to try and help you navigate the best option for your booking, we suggest you refer to British Airways 'Principal Guidelines' first which will then direct you to their 'Book with Confidence' policy, or their 'Standard Customer Guidelines' depending on the circumstance of your booking.

British Airways 'Book with Confidence' policy in brief

Revenue stream Applicable to Options  

(Applicable from 28 January 2021


New ticketed bookings made from 3 March 2020 onwards for travel (outbound and inbound) by 30 April 2022


Existing bookings ticketed before 3 March 2020, for travel commencing up to and including 28 February 2021

Change to a new flight with no British Airways (or Lime) change fee


Exchange your ticket for an Exchange Travel Credit worth the full value of the original ticket. Inbound and outbound travel must be completed by 30 April 2023

Options subject to availability, additional fare & taxes, for full policy see >

To help navigate the policy for tickets under our Flights service, use this flow chart > 


(Applicable from 7 April 2021)

Ticketed Groups bookings travelling from 13 March 2020 up to 30 November 2021

All new travel, both outbound and inbound, must be completed by 23 April 2023.

- One free change within system range (typically +355 days in the future) once the new travel date is known.
If the new travel date is currently unknown or outside of system range, please contact us to arrange that your PNR is kept ‘live’, until such time as to complete the one free change.  Failure to keep the PNR live may result in the tickets not being available to use towards a new booking. PNRs must be renewed as ‘live’ every 12 months to maintain validity until utilised for new travel.


- One free name change per passenger.
- Re-routing permitted.
- Any additional fare & taxes must be collected.
- New tickets are required to be issued within 48 hours of re-booking.

Please consider Lime's processing time when submitting your requests, we recommend that you submit 48hrs in advance of the airline's deadlines which are provided above.

Changes requested outside of this policy are as per Standard Terms & Conditions.



Unticketed Groups bookings travelling from 13 March 2020 up to 30 November 2021

Option 1

• We allow all bookings to be cancelled up to 30+ days before departure
• We will not generate an ADM for cancellation within the above update window
• Space must be released by 31 October 2021 for the ADM waiver policy to apply


Option 2

- One free change permitted for travel within system range 
- Re-routing is permitted
- Any additional fare and taxes must be collected and the new date must be held in at the time of removing the existing flights no longer required

Contact our Groups department to confirm a change. Please consider Lime's processing time when submitting your change request; we recommend that you submit 48hrs in advance of the airline's deadlines which are provided above.

Changes and cancellations requested after this policy expires are as per Standard Terms & Conditions.

Options subject to availability, additional fare & taxes for full policy see >



British Airways Flexible ticketing deadline policy for IT deferred fares travelling up to 30 June 2021 (updated 25 February 2021)

To support Tour Operators during changeable times, BA have introduced a policy on ticketing deadlines  (or Ticket Time Limits/TTL) that allows greater flexibility on IT deferred fares travelling up to 30 June 2021. Read more here >



Please familiarise yourself with the new ways to contact our Flights team depending on your enquiry, which will help us manage the large volume of enquires as efficiently as possible. All previous email addresses for our Flights teams are no longer monitored as of 16 January.


Raise an enquiry via our contact form >

For enquiries that can't be dealt with over email or online chat, our Customer Support lines are available for reservations or general enquiries between 09:00-17:30 Monday-Friday.

Our emergency our of hours phone number can be found within your Flights account, by hovering over the 'emergency' icon.


Our Flights system enables you to self manage the process of creating and redeeming an Exchange Travel Credit up to the point of ticketing, which requires assistance from our Customer Support team (you can use our contact form to raise a ticketing request)

Read our 'How To' guide here, and please continue to refer to airline policy before taking any actions to ensure you're handling your bookings within policy.



Use our dedicated refund form to request full, standard, or partial refund requests.

Our timeline for refund fulfilment should always be consulted to monitor the status of your refund. The timelines can be found in Michael Edwards' latest Bulletin, which can be accessed on the Travel Innovation Group's Bulletin Library.

Email: raise an enquiry with us via our contact form only if you haven't received a refund within eight weeks of us acknowledging your refund request.



Raise an enquiry via our contact form >




Email bagroups@lime-management.com

- state the date of travel and PNR in the subject line

- include your contact number and your query in the email body

- only send one booking per email

For enquiries that can't be dealt with over email, our Customer Support lines will be available between 09:00-17:30 Monday-Friday. Should you need critical support outside of our operating hours, please add 'URGENT' in your email subject line, a duty manager will be monitoring our support inboxes.



Bulletins from Michael Edwards, Managing Director

To streamline our communications, which we understand can be overwhelming now more than ever, Managing Director of Lime and wider Travel Innovation Group Michael Edwards has dedicated to collating key information into regular e-bulletins to our trade partners which are collated here.



We recommend you consult the entry requirements according to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office for each destination before booking, ticketing and travelling.
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  • Oberammergau Passion Play: The event has now been rescheduled to take place 14 May-2 October 2022. Whilst flights for this schedule are not in system range as yet, we are once again offering our Groups pre-registration service which means that as soon Groups space becomes available, we will provide a quote, giving you a head-start on booking. Please note, using this service does not guarantee or hold space. More on this service, and details on travelling with British Airways to Oberammergau can be read here* >
    *you will be redirected to communication from 2019 which refers to other events relevant to the time of publication, and flight schedules which may be subject to change.