Effective 17 August 2016 the Atlantic Joint Business (AJB) of American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair and Iberia have made changes to its economy class fare structures on itineraries to and from USA*.


  • The changes can be summarised as follows:
  • The lead in annual fare, currently N class, will move to become S class
  • The annual fares will now therefore be S,V, L, M, K, H, B and Y
  • This will enable us to use the bottom three classes (O, Q and N) for tactical fare activity
  • O, Q and N will be used for tactical fares. It is possible therefore that AA, BA, AY and IB may not always have a fare in O, Q and N if market conditions do not warrant this.


Which routes does this apply to?

The change applies to itineraries to and from USA, including points from Europe to USA served either via London or via transfer points in the USA (i.e. HAMLONNYC or PARNYCTPA).


Does Frequent Flyer accrual change?

Mileage accrual rates for each booking class will not change. Any future change will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the relevant airline frequent flyer scheme.


What about existing bookings?

Existing bookings for published fares will remain in the class originally booked , as they will be able to be ticketed within 3 days (N levels will remain in place for 3 days after implementation).


IT fares are not affected as they have the fare guaranteed at time of booking.


*Change excludes direct LGW services to ORL/TPA