From 25 January 2017, British Airways will be moving all of their flights at London Gatwick from the North Terminal to the South Terminal. The move forms part of a wider move of airlines at London Gatwick and BA are working closely with Gatwick Airport to create the experience in the South Terminal that their customers deserve.

Ahead of this move, BA are operating a trial flight from the South Terminal on 23 November to test the processes.

The flight will be BA2776, LGW - JER on 23 November - the trial will only be on the outbound sector, the return flight ex JER will arrive back into the North Terminal as planned.

BA will be changing the terminal locator in the selling systems on 8 November and notifying customers of these changes (via robotic/email/telephone as applicable) Customers will be advised to check in at Zone A within the South Terminal. Check-in desks will open 3 hours prior to departure and lounge access for eligible customers will be announced shortly. Customers will still be able to check in online from -24 hours to departure.

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We will also have 2 routes operating from the South Terminal - JFK from 11 January and NAP from 19 January. The first JFK to LGW flight to arrive in the South Terminal will be BA2272 departing JFK on 11 January arriving LGW on 12 January. We will be notifying  customers of these changes from 9 November although it may take up to a week for all customers to be advised.

Customers on these flights should be advised to check in at Zone A within the South Terminal. Check-in desks will open 3 hours prior to departure (Note: early check-in will not be available on JFK/NAP flights in the South Terminal until 25 January) Online check-in will be available at -24hours to departure as normal.

The table below summarises the start dates when flights will start operating to/from Gatwick South Terminal:

Effective date    Flight number  


11-January BA2273                  LGWJFK                Departs ex Gatwick South Terminal
11-January BA2272                  JFKLGW                Arrives into Gatwick South Terminal (arrives next day 12 January)
19-January BA2612                  LGWNAP             Operates from Gatwick South Terminal
19-January BA2613        NAPLGW             Arrives into Gatwick South Terminal
25-January All departing BA operated flights ex LGW              Operates from Gatwick South Terminal
24-January All departing BA flights ex Longhaul station          Arrives into Gatwick South Terminal (arrives next day 25 January)
25-January All departing BA flights ex Shorthaul station         Arrives into Gatwick South Terminal

BA will be opening a brand new upgraded check-in area on the South Terminal concourse, which provides easier access to public transport. A new British Airways lounge will open in the South Terminal providing a world-class experience for customers in a much larger, brighter environment.

As part of Gatwick Airport’s investment plan, the British Airways First and Terraces lounges at London Gatwick has closed for building work from January 2016.  

Premium customers will be able to use the No.1 Lounge in the North Terminal for the duration of the closures and the No.1 Lounge will be extended in order to offer additional space for our customers.

The No.1 Lounge facilities
- Open daily from 0400 to 2200
- The No.1 Lounge is located in the CIP lounge area on the third floor on the North Terminal departure lounge.
- No.1 hosts will allocate customers to lounges based on capacity


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