British Airways has revealed its annual travel predictions for the year ahead selecting the top 17 must see-destinations for 2017.

Celebrities, new routes, TV programmes and films all influence the top travel predictions.

The highly anticipated new season of House of Cards has put Washington DC firmly on the map and a number of new shorthaul destinations rank among the top picks, including Brindisi in Italy and Murcia in Spain.

South and Central America are always popular holiday destinations. Santiago in Chile is a must-see for 2017. With business and tourism flourishing, Chile has so much to offer, whether it’s snowboarding, trekking around the Andes or sampling the fantastic food and wine it has to offer. From 3 January, British Airways will offers direct flights to Santiago, making it the airlines longest route.

Travel experts have also chosen New Orleans as the hotspot to watch, as it attracts ever more music and art lovers, thanks to its world famous Mardi Gras festival. As well as the home of jazz, It also hosts more than 45 international festivals a year, as well as being home to scores of historic sugarcane plantations that are the signature of the deep South.

 British Airways’ top nine long-haul destinations for 2017:


Feel the heat in Chile with British Airways when it launches direct flights from 3 January 2017. Check out Santiago’s fascinating food and drink scene, and go see Chile’s stunning coastline, making it perfect for a beach holiday. Chile is renowned for its rich history, with amazing Easter Island home to its unique and mysterious stone statues.  Also head to Valparaiso's old quarter, which has UNESCO heritage site status. A vineyard tour is essential to sample world famous and fantastic Chilean wines.


In 1932, British Airways started new flights to Cape Town in South Africa. Now 85 years later it’s as popular as ever, with another route launching from Gatwick to Cape Town. From its incredible beaches, to penguin spotting, as well as selfies on top of Table Mountain and wine tasting in Stellenbosch, it’s an all-round destination.


Fort Lauderdale in the ‘sunshine state’ is the perfect holiday destination for the year ahead. Wonderful beaches and Venice-like water ways, making it ideal for water sports. It is also home to an international yachting scene and the nearby stunning Everglades. Fort Lauderdale makes a great starting off point for road trips making it the ideal place for a fly-drive holiday. 


The home of jazz music will make an unforgettable destination to visit in 2017. The stunning French Quarter, houses a blend of Spanish, French and American style 18th Century architecture. There are also countless classic bars allowing you to drink in the atmosphere of

Bourbon Street, filled with stunning restaurants and vibrant night clubs. And Mardi Gras is a must-see on anyone’s bucket list. 


Surrounded by crystal clear waters and pink sand, Bermuda makes a beautiful backdrop for the 35th Americas cup in 2017. As well as sailing in the turquoise waters, paddle boarding has become extremely popular in Bermuda, with some even taking it to a new extreme and enjoying yoga sessions whilst floating in the warm seas. For nature lovers, March to April is the perfect time to take part in some whale spotting as the famous majestic humpback whales make their annual return to the waters near Bermuda. 


Mumbai is the party capital of South East Asia and the home of Bollywood, it has some amazing rooftop bars scattered across the city. Keep your eyes peeled as you are likely to stumble across a celeb hanging out in the swanky bars.


With a new resident at the White House imminent, and season 5 of critically-acclaimed House of Cards, interest in Washington has soared, making a must-see destination for 2017. More than just the home to the next President, DC is filled with monuments, museums and magnificent parkland, with Rock Creek Park offering 32 miles of running trails, making a perfect spot for horse-riding or biking. British Airways has two flights a day to Washington, one of which is operated by the airlines largest aircraft, the A380.


Head to Peru in 2017 as the South American city has made it onto the list for a second year running, as popularity continues to soar after British Airways launched direct flights in May this year. Not only is Peru a flourishing business market, it’s also home to the world-famous Inca Trial and incredible Machu Picchu.


All eyes will be on Texas this year, in particular Houston, as it is set to become home to the world-famous Superbowl, with fans eagerly awaiting to see who will perform at half time.  If that isn’t enough, Houston is home to the spectacular Space Centre offering visitors an out-of-this-world experience. Nearby Austin is also well known for its electric music scene and the Austin Film Festival, attracting celebrities from all around the world. To take in all Texas has to offer, customers can book a fly drive package with British Airways Holidays.

British Airways Holidays’ top eight short-haul destinations for 2017:


The Italian city Brindisi makes a perfect European holiday destination, not only is Italy renowned for its relaxed culture and fantastic wine and food, but its rich history too. Brindisi itself sits on the Adriatic coast and offers sandy beaches, a beautiful port and stunning churches.


Golfers should tee off to see Murica’s world-renowned golf courses next year, when British Airways starts direct flights to the Spanish town in 2017. As well as golf, the city is well known for its fruits and flowers. Murica also has tasty food and visitors can enjoy its seafood delicacies.


It is one of the most hotly anticipated sequels, so when ‘Trainspotting 2’ hits cinemas on January 27, the Edinburgh backdrop will remind you of the ‘lust for life’ we never lost for Danny Boyle’s cult classic. If that’s not reason enough to visit Scotland’s capital, it also celebrates 70 years of the Edinburgh Festival in August.


Faro in the Algarve region of Portugal has made its way onto the list of destinations to visit next year. The city has an authentic Portuguese feel thanks to a range of stunning restaurants and bars. It is a perfect place for holidaymakers looking for culture as it is slightly off the tourist track. It is also situated well for those wanting explore other parts of the Algarve region. British Airways customers can also now fly to Faro from Stanstead.


Be ritzy in Biarritz in 2017. The stunning French town, situated on the southwest coast, is the go to place for anyone wanting to try their hand at surfing next year. The stylish beach town has glorious coastlines and amazing art deco building. Biarritz is also perfectly situated for those wanting to drive along the coast down to the neighbouring San Sebastian, over the border in Spain.


Home to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Stockholm has to make the list for the year ahead. One of the best ways to see the city is on the waterways taking a cruise to see the breath taking sites and elegant bridges.  Stockholm also has beautiful handcraft goods and vintage clothing shops as well as main stream shopping centres, making it ideal for a weekend shopping trip


For travellers wanting a mix of old and new the Estonian capital of Tallinn is the ideal place to visit. It offers luxurious hotels and fantastic shopping centres that contrast the stunning preserved medieval city centre, that’s listed as among the best in the whole of Europe, and has earned itself a place on the UNESCO World Heritage site list. As nearly six per cent of Estonia is covered by lakes, it’s also perfect for sailing or canoeing. British Airways will start offering direct routes to Tallinn from May next year.


The Greek island of Zakynthos is dubbed the new Mykonos, making it a hotspot for party goers with its famous nightlife scene. Thanks to its vibrant atmosphere, Zakynthos is a leisure destination for families that’s hard to beat, with its gorgeous beaches and underwater caves for scuba diving enthusiasts.