Effective 27 October 2016, customers will be able to select and pay for their own choice of seat on any of Comair’s South African routes through ba.com.

Key Points

  • Prepaid seating now available online for British Airways’ South African franchise, Comair
  • Available on all sectors, including point-to-point as well as connecting journeys

This online service gives customers the choice of purchasing their preferred seat on any of their flights within South Africa at the time of booking. Customers who have already booked their flights who want to add seats to their booking may do so by using the “Manage My Booking” functionality.

For a nominal fee customers may select their preferred seat type, whether it’s an aisle, window or middle seat, as well as the location of the seat, i.e. closer to the front for quick disembarkation.

The cost for pre-paid seating varies, depending on the route booked. Seats on routes shorter than 90 minutes are priced from R64 while routes longer than 90 mins are priced between R80 and R144. Pricing is set lower in the booking path at the time of booking. It is more expensive to add the seat later on Manage My Booking.

Customers who choose to not purchase prepaid seating will have their seats allocated as per the existing process.