Learning the ropes (and the airport codes, fare classes, aircraft models…) in my first month with Lime by Emma Beaumont, Marketing Assistant.

Walking in the Cheshire office on my first day at Lime I was very nervous. Not only had I just finished university but I was walking into my first full time ‘grown up’ job where I had the chance to do what I love. I soon learnt that there was no need to be nervous because as I walked in I was welcomed with open arms (and a lovely iced coffee) and made to feel like part of the team within minutes!       

Over the last month I have learnt so much from Lime. Entering the job with no background in travel and little knowledge about how the airline ticketing service worked, I felt like a small fish in a very large pond. However, I can safely say that I’ve learnt so much in these few weeks, so much so that I feel like I’ve been working here for years. Not only are the whole team so approachable and informative, they are incredibly helpful when it comes to explaining what they’re doing on a daily basis. And it’s a bonus that they don’t mind me asking questions all the time…

Working for Lime has really educated me about how crucial a ticketing agent is in the world of travel. They provide such a niche service in the industry and I am fortunate to be able to help market it! I’ve quickly established the value that booking a flight only element offers our customers – and the perils of booking a large group on ba.com rather than using a specialist Group fare service such as Lime’s!

During my time at the company I’ve had the chance to learn so much about our airline partner British Airways. One of my tasks was to help organise a company ‘BA Day’ where all staff, including myself got the chance to learn what British Airways provide for their customers and the importance of communicating that with our agents. We involved some of BA’s current pilots who foolishly let us all take control of their 787 Dreamliner simulator!

One thing I’ve found is that every new thing I learn about Lime and British Airways, the stronger my love for travel becomes. I now feel like I have such a strong understanding on the way the travel industry works and how companies such as Lime and British Airways go above and beyond to make sure trade partners and passengers get the best experience possible.

All the nerves I had when I first started with Lime have flown away and I feel so comfortable here with my new work family.  I am hugely thankful to the whole team at Lime for welcoming me into the company and giving me this great opportunity. I’m excited to begin engaging with our diverse range of clients to ensure you’re up to speed with the latest news and activity from ourselves, and my new favourite airline!