From 1 April 2017, Club Europe will be introduced on all BA mainline and BA CityFlyer UK & Ireland domestic services. British Airways are also replacing UK Domestic with Euro Traveller as the economy cabin.

This change aligns cabins across the shorthaul network and enables customers connecting to or from a longhaul destination to enjoy a consistent premium experience throughout their journey.

Domestic customers will be able to benefit from lounge access, more personal space to work or relax, complimentary food and drink, dedicated check-in desks, priority boarding and a generous baggage allowance of two cabin bags and two checked bags.

The Club Europe cabin features a 2-by-2 configuration with the middle seat kept free. The seats are bridged with a ‘central console’ table, providing Club customers with a broad, functional space for drinks, snacks and personal devices, freeing up the main table for work or a meal.

System updates have taken place from 27 February to enable selling of Club Europe and Euro Traveller on all UK&I domestic services, including flights operated from London City, for travel from 1 April 2017.

From 28 February, domestic routes will start to show 2-cabin configuration, Club Europe and Euro Traveller. Once this conversion has taken place you will be able to see both cabins available to book in the schedule display. 

The following changes will now take place for customers already ticketed on UK&I domestic services for travel from 1 April 2017:

Original booking class

New booking class

Cabin change

Changes to itinerary

Changes to seating

Changes to baggage

J,C, D, R, I , U

No change

Economy to Club Europe

No change

Reserved seating will remain as booked or an equivalent seat booked in Club Europe

Now eligible to 2 pieces. Ticket will still show 1 piece but BAGA keyowrd will be updating to show 2PC.



Economy to Club Europe

Y sector will show UN status
J sector added as TK status

Reserved seating will remain as booked or an equivalent seat booked in Club Europe

Now eligible to 2 pieces. Ticket will still show 1 piece but BAGA keyowrd will be updating to show 2PC.

B, H, K, M, L, V, N, Q, O, S, G, X

No change

No change remains in Economy (Euro Traveller)

Original sector will show UN status. New TK sector added with the same booking class

Reserved seating will remain as booked or an equivalent seat booked in Euro Traveller

Remains as 1 piece

The PNR will be queued to your servicing queue and will have an OTHS for information in the PNR. You will need to 'tidy-up’ the booking by deleting any UN sectors update the new TK sector to HK status.

BA will automatically revalidate the BA-125 ticket for the affected sector(s). Other carrier’s tickets will need to be revalidated or reissued for the ticket to match the itinerary.

Any reserved seating will need to be checked for refunds if required for seats already paid for.

Please advise the customer of any changes to their baggage allowance and if any paid excess baggage allowance now needs to be refunded and check if Club Europe customers have any advance meal requests.

Reserved seating
Club Europe cabin is located at the front of the aircraft. Customers with seats already booked in the front rows who now have a cabin change into Euro Traveller will be allocated a seat further back in the aircraft. If the new seat is not suitable then any Paid Seating may be refunded and any free seating may be changed dependent on availability in the Euro Traveller cabin.

Paid for excess baggage
Club Europe customers may check-in two bags (max 32kgs each) Customers already ticketed in J, C, D, R, I or U classes will now be eligible to 2 pieces, although their ticket will still display 1 piece. The BAGA keyword should have been updated to show 2PC. Domestic customers now travelling in Club Europe who have already paid for an extra bag may have the one extra bag refunded.

For new bookings for travel from 1 April, U class is now for Club Europe on all domestics with the applicable Avios to pay. Customers already booked in U class will be sat in Club Europe, no extra Avios charged. X class customers are booked in Euro Traveller.

Business UK fares
These fares will no longer exist after 31 March 2017. All J class customers booked for travel from 1st April will now be seated in the Club Europe cabin (see table above) All Y class customers already booked for travel will be converted to J class and also seated in Club Europe. The Same ticketing terms and conditions apply, which match those for Club Europe Plus Flex fares

Voluntary changes - for customers booked to travel up to 31 March who want to change their departure date for travel from 1 April Commercial fare rules apply with any difference in fare and taxes paid by the customer. For J, C, D, R or I class, these will need to be re-booked into a comparable Economy booking class and the itinerary re-priced. If you rebook into the same class as original then these will be re-priced into a Club fare. Bookings originally made in U Redemption class will need to be re-quoted into X, otherwise if they continue to be booked in U the higher Avios amount for Club will need to be charged plus higher APD.

Read BA’s  'Club Europe available in the UK' factsheet