British Airways' oneworld partner Cathay Pacific (CX) is carrying out some system changes this weekend, starting on Thursday 16 March that will affect codeshare flights departing on 21, 22 or 23 March 2017.

BA*CX codeshare services for travel on 21, 22 and 23 March 2017 inclusive, will be closed for sale from tomorrow Thursday 16 March 2017.

Customers already booked on a Cathay Pacific codeshare for travel on these dates will also see a flight code change from BA*CX to CX Prime.

For new bookings
  • BA*CX codeshare flights departing on 21, 22 or 23 March 2017 will be closed for sale from tomorrow, 16 March
  • Customers requiring a booking on Cathay Pacific will need to be sold a prime CX flight
  • No other dates are affected
For bookings already made
  • On 16 March, BA*CX codeshare sectors will be switched to CX prime
  • This is only for flights departing 21, 22 or 23 March 2017
  • The original BA*CX sector will be changed to UN status
  • A new CX prime sector will be added with TK status
  • In most cases, the same selling code will be used for the new CX prime TK status sector
  • If for some reason the same booking class is not available, please leave the PNR on hold as Cathay will need to be contacted by BA RevMan department
  • RevMan will add a waitlist sector (HL status) in the lowest class in the same cabin (or K class) for Cathay to confirm by Friday 17 March
What action to take

New bookings or voluntary changes

  • Book into the CX prime sector
  • Flight will be quoted accordingly for CX prime

Bookings already made

  • Customer may receive a cancelled/re-accommodated notification or view their ‘changed’ booking on MMB
  • Booking will also be on your servicing Q
  • Please reassure the customer that their flight is still operating as normal
  • Advise them of their new CX flight number
  • Change the TK sector to HK
  • Delete the old UN sector
  • Reissue the ticket using ATU (Trade need to involuntary reissue)
  • If the new sector is UC or HL status, please put the booking on hold as it will be confirmed on Friday 17 March by Cathay

Conditions of Carriage do not apply as the flight has not been cancelled

Please contact our customer support team if you need assistance with your booking.