As a memberof this glorious industry we call travel, you’ll be no stranger to juggling acronyms… JFK, APD, YQ, HB… but in all your years we bet you’ve not heard any quite as much as the new ‘buzzcronym’ GDPR…

GDPR is a new EU regulation in effect from 25 May 2018, relating to (and standing for) General Data Protection Regulation.

To ensure we remain not only fully compliant but also operate best practice at all times; we’ve enhanced our Privacy Policy to clarify exactly what data we require, how we collect it, what we need it for, and what happens when we have finished with it.

None of the changes are such that we feel you need to read them, however if you’d like to review our policy, you can find it easily here and at any time in the footer of our website (before logging into your booking account).

If you have any queries about our data protection and privacy policies, please contact our Corporate Manager as per our Privacy Policy.

You can read more on what GDPR is all about here >