With the royal wedding having been and gone, us travel minded folk are eagerly anticipating the grand reveal of the honeymoon destination.

As the location is being kept well under wraps we’ve decided to predict a few of the possible destinations the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might be jetting off to.

Indian Ocean

As a popular honeymoon hotspot, the tranquil shores of the Seychelles - accessible year round with British Airways direct service - might be just what the newlyweds need after a hectic high profile wedding. Plus, we're sure Prince William gave a 5* recommendation to his younger brother after he and Kate honeymooned there back in 2011.


Being a famous actress, Meghan might prefer to head back to her LA stomping ground to relax on one of the west coast beaches or give her new husband a tour of the hall of fame in Hollywood. If you land the most sought after honeymoon booking of the year - or any booking to California for that matter, you yourself could be enjoying the grand tour on the Visit California SuperFam this October. Read more on how you could secure your place >


The Caribbean is also high up the charts in honeymoon favourites with its sparkling seas, glorious sunshine and vibrant culture . It’s the perfect tonic for the smitten newlyweds who will no doubt want to unwind, destress, and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle. St Kitts would be our top contender as a real unspoiled rereat. If they're yet to book, remember the special offers and lower annual fares you can book with Lime and British Airways!


The Royals don’t have to look longhaul for the honeymoon of their dreams as Europe offers an array of lustful destinations. Maybe they will flock to Venice to enjoy a romantic gondola boat tour around the narrow canals surrounding the city, or maybe Paris – a city drenched in love and romance. Of course, there's always Ibiza, conveniently departing London City for ease straight from the wedding!

 South Africa

South Africa might also be on the cards for the newlyweds with it's wildlife, wild lands and breathtaking beauty. However, if wild lands isn't what they are after, British Airways new direct route to cosmopolitan Durban could be perfect for Prince Harry and Meghan as it's full of culture, beautiful beach views and exquisite dining.