We've had a few queries recently regarding some unusual Inclusive Tour fares within our Flights booking system. We wanted to offer some advice so, without further ado, we'll hand over to our Flights Operations Team Leader Emily:

We're aware of some really competitive IT fares available in our Flights system that have a more restrictive deadline than usual. These fares are available globally and tend to be on premium cabins, although we're closely monitoring them for any patterns.

The great news is that these fares are correct so if your passengers are happy to commit to their flight element, we'd recommend locking in that great price with the shorter deadline!

However, if you do wish to have the full flexibility to cancel in line with typical IT deadlines, the website may not display all options with a longer deadline as it's configured to return the cheapest fare components. We're happy to say that in these cases, you can email us the details and we're able to manually check for applicable fares with longer deadlines.

My team are working hard to ensure our email turnaround time is met - and even better, to exceed expectations where possible. We're committed to doing our utmost to quote the most competitive fare for you - just let us know if price of flexibility is your main priority and we will find the solution for you.

For the future, we're in discussions with British Airways about specific enhancements to NDC that would allow you to filter these results on the system for a more efficient self-service. We'll keep you posted on any developments!

We hope this clarifies the situation and as always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

Emily Ord
Flights Team Leader