We're aware that our Flights system is currently displaying incorrect ticketing fees at the point of ticketing existing bookings (not on bookings created today).

Our technology team is working to resolve this as fast as possible, but in the meantime please continue to hold bookings that do not require ticketing today, safe in the knowledge that the fee readjusts when ticketing is requested by which time the issue will be resolved. 

If you do wish to ticket and see that your fee has been affected, please follow the following advice:

- If wishing to pay with credit allowance: Ticket as normal in the system but ensure you email the PNR to Customer Support on the same day. Our team will adjust the invoice to reflect the correct fee before issuing it to your company

- If wishing to pay by bank transfer or card: Contact customer support when you wish to ticket. Payment will be taken manually at the correct fee level


Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.