One of the many benefits of your Lime Flights account is the ability to access discounted nett Inclusive Tour (IT) fares to combine with your own ground arrangements and sell as an attractive package holiday to your customers.

To ensure the fares are being sold correctly, we would like to remind you of the terms and conditions set out in your Lime Tour Operator Agreement:

  1. Nett IT fares should never be sold or marketed as a standalone product and always as part of a leisure package holiday, originating in the UK.
  2. While the airline recognises some passengers travel alone for leisure purposes, high volumes of single passenger bookings will be investigated.
  3. The price of the airfare should not be disclosed to the customer.
  4. Unaccompanied children under the age of 16 are not be permitted to travel on nett IT fares.
  5. Nett IT fares should not be sold to a Group.

We're the approved supplier of British Airways nett IT fares

When choosing Lime for your British Airways nett IT fares you can be safe in the knowledge that by adhering to the terms above, you're not violating any agreement. Not all distributors of British Airways flight products are permitted to sell the nett IT fare to trade partners, so always check before purchasing to ensure you're compliant with the airline's strict selling policies.

If there's sufficient reason to believe that nett IT fares are being missold and in breach of the terms outlined above, British Airways reserves the right to revoke access to these fares with immediate effect.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Partnerships team who will be happy to help.