• The trial is completely optional for customers travelling on all flights to the US currently operating from 4 February
• We are working with our oneworld and Atlantic Joint Business partner American Airlines on the trial
• VeriFLY, will certify test certificates and required travel documentation on a personal mobile device, before leaving home and offer a fast track opportunity at the airport
• Phase two will extend to cover customers travelling from the US to the UK. This will make British Airways and American Airlines the first transatlantic partners to offer a digital solution for eligible customers flying to the UK British Airways becomes the first UK airline to trial the use of mobile travel health passport, VeriFLY
“We remain focused and committed to finding user- friendly, evidence-based solutions to make journeys as seamless they can be. Through these trials, we hope to provide travellers and governments on both sides of the Atlantic with the tools and the assurance they need to make safe travel possible.”