Current notices

Key notices to keep you informed and confident in managing your bookings with us.

Schedule changes

Press release from British Airways: 

"The past few weeks have been challenging and so we're completely focused on three priorities: our customers, supporting the biggest recruitment drive in our history and increasing our operational resilience, to help provide certainty for our customers.

We've taken the decision to reduce their schedule by merging some low occupancy flights and flights to destinations with multiple services each day and using larger aircraft, giving customers the maximum flexibility to either rebook with us or another airline as close to their original departure time as possible, or to receive a full refund."

Should you need to raise a schedule change enquiry with us, please use our
 contact form or use the buttons provided on the schedule change emails sent from Lime.

*Tip* availability on alternative routes is going fast! For the best chance of securing your client the most suitable alternative flight, please provide us three suitable options to update your booking to. Note: check the reprotection guidelines on your affected booking for guidance on what alternatives are available without further charge. If you're choosing flight options that are not within the reprotection guidelines, confirming your acceptance of any additional charge when you provide your three alternative preferences could save time and increase your chance of securing fast-moving fares.

We're currently actioning schedule change support requests within 5 working days due to an influx of airline schedule adjustments. We're working to enhance our schedule change automation function, which will drastically reduce the administration needed from you and remove the need for our manual support. Meanwhile, our teams continue to work overtime to handle the increased schedule change support requests, which are prioritised in order of departure date. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation whilst we process these high volumes as fairly as we can.



We're currently meeting our Reservations response time of approximately 2 hours.


Post-ticket amendments

Our Support teams are here to help with amendments to ticketed bookings that can't be self-managed in your account. Our response time for these enquiries is approximately 3-4 working hours.

For support with ticketed bookings, enquire via our contact form >



Here we've provided the current timeframe that you can expect to receive your refund within, and how we update you along the way.

Submitting your request:
 Use our dedicated refund request form which prompts you for the information we need to process your refund as quickly as possible. The forms also provide links to the airline policy pages where supporting information can be found.

Processing time: Refund requests are processed within one working day of us receiving them. Within that day, you will receive a refund processed email from us to confirm what the value of the refund is, and when you can expect your refund to be received.

Receiving your refund: Your refund will be transferred to your bank account on the Monday following receipt of our refund processed email.

For those Partners who hold a credit allowance with us, the refund will be available on your finance account within 48 hours of receiving our refund processed email. This value will offset/reduce any invoices due for payment and show on your daily Direct Debit statement. If on the Monday following your credit note the value has not been applied to any invoices due, a Bank Transfer will be automatically generated.

If you have not received notice from us at the stages defined above, please enquire via our contact form > 


In the last six months we have added functionality to our Flights system to enable automations of schedule changes. Released in two key phases, this functionality has proved to be successful in reducing many of our partners' manual workloads.

A third party issue is causing erroneous fare information to be displayed in Lime's calendar widget (shown in red below).

To avoid mis-information whilst this issue is resolved, the calendar availability will be temporarily disabled. During this time, separate searches can still take place when comparisons of alternative dates are required.


Forgotten your password? Your admin account user can reset this for you in moments...


If you're feeling less confident in creating new bookings in your account, read over our quick guide to familiarise yourself. 


Don't hesitate to reach our to our Partnerships team to arrange bespoke training sessions on booking creation, or any aspect of using your online account, should you or your teams need it.

Paying by bank transfer has had an injection of autonomy following our system release on 17 January.

The process - which removes the need to await validation from our Accounts team - is detailed in our how to guide...


Many enquiries that our Flights Support team receive are querying a booking that is held in 'Manual Reconciliation' status in their Lime account.

Bookings reach this status when the booking in our system doesn't exactly match the airline's GDS, typically because a change to the itinerary has been implemented by the airline, for example; a schedule change. 

If your booking is showing to be in Manual Reconciliation status, please contact us to request the action you would like to take via our form.


We're noticing a range of tax increases at present including YQ, some of which have been fairly significant. 

Airline policies stipulate that taxes will be recalculated at the time of ticketing, so please be aware of possible adjustments to taxes when you come to ticket (or amend a ticketed booking). Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to reduce the taxes back down, and they must be collected to complete ticketing.

The 'Disruption Cancel' feature in your ticketed Flights bookings allows you to cancel sectors from a PNR and avoid a no-show whilst you or your client choose whether to redeem the value as a travel credit, or request a refund.

Our how-to guide shows how to do this, plus how to then redeem the value as a travel credit.