Easter delights: British Airways serves up special Easter treats

Travellers departing from London Heathrow and Gatwick airports are in for a special Easter treat as British Airways unveils its exclusive holiday menu. Here's a breakdown of the delectable offerings awaiting passengers:

In Club World, passengers can enjoy a delectable hot cross bun bread and butter pudding served with creamy vanilla custard, along with the traditional simnel fruit cake.

For First Class, Club World, and World Traveller Plus passengers, the highlight is the succulent traditional lamb dish, prepared to perfection to celebrate the essence of Easter.

World Traveller passengers can relish a British spring roast chicken paired with creamed vegetables, offering a taste of the season's vibrant flavours.

To satisfy sweet cravings, passengers of all classes can indulge in an Easter chocolate mousse nest topped with chocolate mini eggs, promising a delightful finale to their meal.

For Euro Traveller passengers, there's an option to pre-order and purchase Cadbury mini eggs onboard, providing a nostalgic Easter treat.

Even the youngest travellers are not forgotten, with children's meals featuring a milk chocolate Easter egg lollipop, adding a touch of whimsy to their dining experience.

These special Easter menus aim to enhance the travel experience and bring the joy of the holiday to the skies.