New route from London Gatwick to Georgetown, Guyana

From 27 March 2023, British Airways is launching a new route from London Gatwick to Georgetown (GEO), Guyana via St. Lucia.

Untouched natural beauty with its rainforest-covered interior and a laid-back vibe, make Guyana the perfect off-the-beaten-track destination. Miles of coastline are lined with pristine beaches offering turtle watching and sports. Head into the jungle to see a line-up of wild animals in their natural habitat. In the city, you can learn about the country’s history and watch a local cricket match – Guyana’s favourite sport.

Flight number Route Departure Local time Arrival Local time Days of week
 BA 2159 LGW - GEO 11:35 18:05 1...4...
 BA 2158 GEO - LGW 19:05 11:45 1...4...

Aircraft type - Boeing 777-200*

*Aircraft and timings subject to change.