The biggest travel trends for 2024: Destinations

As big plans for the year ahead start to take shape, many have already started compiling their travel list for the next 12 months.

Continents like Asia and South America are becoming increasingly popular. With more travellers considering 'shoulder seasons' to avoid crowded places in the summer and the impacts of climate change, especially in Southern Europe.

Summer sun favourites include Greece, Cyprus and Turkey, as well as Italy and Spain, are becoming too hot during the summer months, pushing travellers to seek cooler alternatives like the Alps, Slovenia and Poland.

“Cool-cationing” is a new trend for 2024 where travellers swap sun-seeking holidays for cooler destinations. This may lead to a continued rise in UK staycations, particularly to cooler destinations, including Wales and Scotland, but also some snowy destinations such as Norway.

Popular destinations for 2024 include Albania, which is the latest region in the Balkans to become a recognised and viable tourist destination. Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are also becoming increasingly popular. 

Central Asia was incredibly popular in 2023, with a 68% increase in travellers compared to 2022. India, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand have also seen a huge spike in popularity. Japan is currently experiencing record tourism numbers, according to the Lemongrass Annual Travel Trend Report.

Interestingly, the top five destinations that people are searching for right now include Kenya, Japan, Vietnam, Costa Rica, and Tanzania.

Plus, major sporting events such as the Olympic Games in Paris and the Superbowl in Las Vegas are set to draw in crowds in 2024.

Has this inspired you to look at more cool-cationing destinations for your clients?

Inspired by Selling Travel's 'All Change' article by Charlotte Flach.