The biggest travel trends for 2024: Travel Bookings

As we venture into the year ahead, travel bookings into 2024 are healthy, with 36% of Brits having already booked what they would consider to be a bucket list trip for 2024, according to SkyParkSecure, with a further 35% “considering it”.

The travel industry is experiencing increased consumer confidence and travellers with an appetite for adventurous experiences and once-in-a-lifetime trips.

Despite the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which can recommend destinations, hotels, and popular experiences and activities based on traveller preferences, it seems that travellers are keener than ever to use tour operators to help them secure memorable trips.

Escaping the crowds and visiting more remote and isolated destinations holds greater appeal than ever, with Namibia (+49%), Romania (+103%) and New Zealand (+69%) seeing big growth for 2024, says Explore Worldwide.

New markets will keep appearing, for example, the Maldives expanding into the family market. From travelling to faraway places with little ones to exploring new flight routes or switching off completely to prioritise wellness, the 2024 traveller will be more daring and bolder with their travel choices than ever before.

Are there any new destinations or considerations we have shared that you will now consider as part of your client's travel bookings in 2024?

Inspired by Selling Travel's 'All Change' article by Charlotte Flach.