The biggest travel trends for 2024: Travel Themes

Along with once in a lifetime trips, travellers are looking to transformational travel experiences that provide a challenge or accomplishment, such as walking the Camino de Santiago or Inca Trail treks.

This year, seeking 'peace and purpose' during travel will be important for some, as individuals aim to disconnect from their everyday routine and discover a fresh sense of meaning in their chosen destinations. People are increasingly seeking these new experiences and want to travel in a more meaningful way.

‘Dual holidays’, from the growing trend of island-hopping in the Maldives to twin-centre holidays in the Caribbean, will be popular in 2024. Dual trips are going to become bigger as travellers seek diversity and a range of experiences from their holidays.

Culinary tours in particular are seeing a boom, especially when combined with walking tours. Culinary tourism allow travellers to explore a new culture through food and could potentially be a top-seller for 2024.

No-fly holidays will always be a favoured choice as environmentally-friendly travellers try to minimise their carbon footprint when travelling abroad. Rail adventures across Europe have become increasingly popular combined with night-time route connections and some more exciting routes such as Paris to Madrid, Paris to Berlin and Amsterdam to Barcelona being planned.

Which transformational travel experiences will be top of your list to start searching for your clients?

Inspired by Selling Travel's 'All Change' article by Charlotte Flach.