We know that being able to work quickly and efficiently is important to you, our travel partners, so we'd love to draw your attention to our latest helpful resources, tips and tricks designed to help you navigate our systems like a pro.

For our Flights System, you will also find more useful advice and how to guides in our Knowledge Bank.

Quick tips

Sort and export your Lime Flights bookings with ease.

Find a full tutorial here >

Find out more about the new codeshare partnership with South African airline, Airlink, here>

In the event of significant disruption, where British Airways policy permits and your customer is not already checked-in, you can use our Disruption Cancel button to remove the flights from a PNR and avoid a no-show.

Please do check that airline policy allows, as a refund may not be permitted if the flight remains operational.

If your passengers have already checked-in for their flights, you'll need to email so we can handle this manually.

Our Upsell tool makes it easy to price multi-cabin bookings. Simply search for the lowest cabin you want then use Upsell to view the upgrade options.

If you're struggling to book youth fares and infants requiring seats via the Flights system, please contact our Customer Support team for manual assistance.

There are two types of emails you'll receive from Lime in relation to schedule changes: one where the booking will be automatically updated so no action is required from you, and the other where an action is required.

It's very important to note where an action is required on your part as system functionality can be limited until the action has been made. The status of the booking will show as 'Awaiting Customer Approval' until the schedule is resolved.

Unticketed bookings
  1. Schedule changes that the airline defines as minor will be auto-accepted without any action required from you. This will be specified in the email you receive.

  2. In other instances, where action is required, a 'Proceed with Change' button has been added into the Booking Display screen within our system. This means you'll be able to take action directly in your account rather than via email.
Ticketed bookings

Schedule changes that the airline has revalidated will be auto-accepted without any action required from you.

If you need any further support, please contact us.

Submit your itinerary for out of date range travel, and once that space comes in to range (approximately 355 days before departure date) we will contact you with a quote.

We have three service options for wheelchair requests:

Service 1 (WCHR) Customer requires assistance to/from the gate but does not require any special assistance on-board to move around, including use of the onboard wheelchair.
This service assists customers to the gate it assumes that the customer can make their own way to the aircraft either by the jetty or on the passenger coach. Service may not be provided on a 1 to 1 basis.
Service 2 (WCHS) Customer requires assistance to/from the aircraft gate and assistance with stairs if aircraft is off stand.
They do not require assistance onboard to move around including use of the onboard wheelchair.
Service 3 (WCHC) Customer requires assistance to/from the aircraft and also needs use of the onboard wheelchair to move around the cabin. If customer is travelling on their own please ensure they have enough upper body strength to be able to lift themselves onto the onboard wheelchair.

Please advise which of the above options is required for your client by emailing and filling out the form they provide.

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