As the approved provider of British Airways nett fares our Inclusive Tour (IT) Flights product offers ATOL bonded trade partners the ability to book fares with ease, hold them without commitment and ticket them with margin for profit – all without the need for a costly GDS. Plus, with ongoing enhancements to our bespoke Flights system in-line with New Distribution Capabilities (NDC), we can ensure a smooth and efficient booking experience from quoting to ticketing.

Lime’s IT fares offer you not only a fantastic price and longer non-commitment periods versus the Published fare, but also the freedom to package our flight with your own ground arrangements.

British Airways' range of leisure fares can be held deposit-free until their ticketing deadline, giving you valuable extra flexibility.

As the Distribution Technology Charge increases, we've got you covered! Thanks to our NDC-enabled Flights booking system, you'll benefit from complete exemption from this fee.

Additional Price Points, (another perk of NDC) are available on a multitude of long-haul and short-haul routes, guaranteeing a more competitive price for your customers. 

Ensure you’re head and shoulders above your competitors with accreditation from our award-winning national carrier - exclusively to Lime Flights account holders.

Enjoy the option to book Published and Seat Only fares. The perfect safety net should an IT fare be unavailable, or the travel you're booking does not meet the Fare Rules.* 

Our Partnerships team are so-called because they're here to foster a partnership - not give you a hard sell. They'll keep in touch to let you know your booking trends and see if there's anything you need help with.


*You’ll still enjoy up to 72 hours non commitment period once bookings are held - there’s nothing to lose.





Our systems are designed by us, and we’re constantly investing in new technology to add functions that ease your booking management and deliver the options you’re looking for. New technology includes New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) that we offer and that are constantly evolving to enhance your booking experience.

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