It all began with our Inclusive Tour (IT) flights, which offer ATOL bonded trade partners the ability to book British Airways nett fares, hold them without commitment and ticket them with margin for profit – all without the need for a costly GDS.

The dynamic way to package

Lime’s IT fares offer you not only a fantastic price against the Published fare, but also the freedom to package our flight with your own ground arrangements (as long as it meets the ATOL and Fare Rule requirements).

Take your time - your business is holidays after all

An invaluable advantage to a Flights account with Lime is the ability to hold a named booking for up to 30 days before departure, with absolutely no financial commitment.

Intuitive booking system

Our systems are designed by us, and we’re constantly investing in new technology to add functions that ease your booking management and deliver the options you’re looking for.

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Appointed Operator status

The travel industry has a lot to justify to their agent or consumer market in unsettled times. Ensure you’re head and shoulders above your competitors with an accreditation from our award winning, trusted national carrier British Airways.

BA allow permissions to their Appointed Operator status EXCLUSIVELY to Lime’s approved Flights accounts.

Published and Seat Only fares included

On opening a Flights account, you’ll not only have access to our Inclusive Tour (IT) fares and their many benefits across BA’s worldwide route network – but we’ll open up Published and Seat Only fares to you too. These are the perfect safety net should an IT fare be unavailable, or the travel you’re booking does not meet the Fare Rules required for an IT rate. You’ll still enjoy up to 72 hours non commitment period once bookings are held - there’s nothing to lose.